I guess I have told you about my boss. He owns a machine shop that makes custom parts for different applications. There are all sorts of different things. Some of it is pretty hush hush, has something to do with aviation and the rumor is that it is some sort of spy device, but of course people talk about stuff like that with no basis for it. He is a car collector and right now he is working on his own fire truck. He wants to get a popular new aftermarket brand of air horn for this thing and that was what I was doing today. It was a big deal actually. The truck is supposed to have a single purpose pretty much. He likes to take his stuff in parades. The fire truck is supposed to attract a whole lot of attention and he wants the horn to sound just right. In fact it is going to have about six horns on it.

The idea is that the horn is supposed to play a melody. I have the job of writing the program to control it and engineering the system. Of course it is a relatively simple task and if you have six different horns there are a lot of different tunes you could play. The question is which ones sound the best, because you will only put a few of them in to the system. There will be the possibility to do a lot more, but the system is going to look vintage. So you are not going to have a touch screen on the dash. I was suggesting that we could use an app, but he thought that was lame. It will just have a toggle switch with three or four settings and the normal horn button.