We all have our fair share of bitter things that happen to us and likely the same need of words of encouragement. The golden rule directed us to do things to others which we want others to likewise do to us. It doesn’t need complex analysis, it is very linear. Apparently, we see another reason for lending an encouraging hand to the people around us. We do not know when the clock will point its hands at us and say that it is our time. Aside from seeing it a responsibility and pleasure, showing kindness to others is also assuring ourselves that we can always count on somebody for help. This is a biblical principle. But it’s also a law of nature that once someone is helped out, the tendency would be that they would also help you out the same way or help another. Okay, you might say that you have not experienced receiving aid from others despite your efforts to help. But you have a God who provided you with anything you need. That is reason enough to let you continue with your simple compassion.