I divorced my husband six years ago, and I have been mostly on my own with our two children ever since. He lives in another state. So, when something breaks or has some other problem in my home, I do not have the luxury of a spouse to help. A good example of this was when I wondered if I should call a Bristol plumber for help recently.

I woke up one morning and grabbed a cup of coffee. I assumed it would be a normal day like any other, and began doing my morning chores after I finished my coffee. One of those chores was to fill the dishwasher and setting it to run so that it would clean dishes while I went to work afterward. Everything seemed as normal.

As I was just finishing up to leave the house for work, I walked into the kitchen and slipped on water. That’s when I noticed the water was coming from my dishwasher. I opened it, and water spilled everywhere. I checked inside to see if I could figure out the problem. I checked under our sink to see if there was a problem. I tried to diagnose the problem, and then sat to think about whether to call for help.

In the end, I felt a professional would save time and money. I could try to disassemble everything myself, take many hours to do it and possibly find no solution, and I knew it. Just a quick call and a short bill later, an expert came out to the house and fixed the problem for me in 30 minutes. He was also nice enough to point out exactly why I had trouble with my dishwasher in the first place and how to keep it from happening again. In the end, it was worth it.