I got to thinking about this because it seems like a quick way to lose a lot of weight, but it is obviously not the safest thing you can do. I need to lose a good bit of weight, but I am not sure if it is so much that it justifies this sort of risk. I am about twenty five or thirty pounds above what I think that I should be. So I was checking out some sites like this one, http://tummytucksanantonio.com/ which is for a local doctor in this area. I would not want to do it if the logic was not strong though and I am not really convinced that it is worth the amount of risk that you are talking about getting in to. Of course the big risk is the one that you do not walk away from. This is the sort of thing where it can go very very bad if it goes bad. You can potentially die doing this.

That is the big analysis you have to do. You are looking at the cost and the benefit. You can not think of it as something where there is no downside. The down side is very obvious. They could put you down on that operating table and knock you out, then you might not wake up after the fact. You likely would, but there are always potential for complications. Any time you cut in to a guy there is a chance that you get an infection and they have a lot of really nasty things going around in hospitals. People should want to stay far away from those places any time that they have a choice about it, because there are a lot of diseases and infections in hospitals and some times they win.