Did you know that the first super store was a Bed Bath & Beyond? I bet you thought it was one of the Walton’s retail stores that was first to go super. If you have never visited a BB&B, you should. You will find all those useful things you need for around your house. However, even though I like shopping there, I do not go without first getting coupons at bedbathandbeyondcouponzone. Saving money is important to me and my family. We save everywhere we can. I figure that a few dollars saved towards a nice vacation makes much more sense than just giving it away to a retailer if I do not have too.

I make a list of things we want. Then I check out the store’s tab (ad that goes in the newspaper) for the week. If an item is needed right away, I get coupons from bedbathandbeyondcouponzone and shop. If it can wait, I usually just keep an eye out for the best holiday sales ad for the store. Stopping by and checking out clearance options presents great bargains too. Of course, if you are a really savvy shopper, you do not buy something if you do not need it no matter if it is on clearance or not.

I am very fond of big heavy comforters for our bed. I like to turn down the heat in the winter and snuggle up with my spouse under a thick comforter. I like the soft fabrics too. I can only take so much synthetics. Our teenage son just likes a thin blanket. Our daughter is like me and likes the plush comforters. At the store they have those full bedding sets in one bag. I like getting coupons for those because the better ones can be very expensive. Coupons make it so we can have what we want rather than settling for something else.