Where do you find great and inspirational content on the Internet?

There are several different places that you can look to find inspirational content, but few of them provide any good value. They write only for search engines or just poorly created stuff. They can be written in the spare time as a hobbyist or just someone who is trying to make a quick buck by gaming the search engines.

It is incredibly difficult to find truly inspirational content on the Internet.

I have tried searching Google to find an inspirational blog but the results came up empty. I did not find what I was looking for. The blogs in the results were of poor quality and did not have any good real inspirational content. They were just the same old copied stuff from other blogs.

There was no originality.

One of the ways that I have had a minimal success with is in the social media world of Twitter and Facebook. I have used their search features to find decent inspirational content. What I would do is search for a problem I was having, such as “help with family”, and go through the list of results. Most of the results were pretty good.

I think the reason why Twitter and Facebook displayed much better results is they are human generated reviews that are socially proofed against others. The only way Twitter knows about a post is if I submit a link to it on my personal profile. When I submit this link, I am telling the world that I find it of value and that I base some of my reputation on it.

That is pretty powerful.

If I post a link for inspirational thoughts from a low quality site, people who visit my profile is going to see it and think lowly of me. This why it is of extreme importance to submit high quality links on social media.