Watching the news can be pretty scary. When I bought my house several years ago, the quiet neighborhood was one of the main selling points. We lived nearly 40 minutes away from a large metropolitan city, and I honestly thought that was far enough for crime to not really touch us. I was able to live in that bubble for about two years, and then the drug dealers started moving in closer to where I live. That means that crime starts happening more often too, and that is why I found myself looking at not that long ago.

Even though the closest mugging had taken place nearly six miles away and a burglary a few miles further than that, it was obvious that crime was starting to creep closer and closer to me. I knew the best way to handle it was to be defensive about it. I have never had a home security system before, and I knew it was time to get one. I looked at quite a few websites, but the ADT site is the one that I kept going back to. I liked that I was able to get a free security system, plus there were other incentives too like a free gift card.

That was just a nice bonus though. I was mainly focused on the protection that my family and I would have because of this system. We were able to get alarms connected to the front and back doors, plus all of the windows on the first and second floors have alarms on them now. To me, that is not being excessive at all. That is just making sure that my family is protected as best as I can, and I feel I have done that with ADT. Crime can touch any of us, but it’s going to have to fight hard to come my way.