If you’re on a spiritual path, you must learn to ask for help. Asking is reaching out and opening up. And as we open, we create space for receiving. This releases us from limitation and restriction from our past, and reveals us the wonder of life.

Asking is not grasping or demanding. It’s about releasing criticism and judgment and opening our hearts. Whatever appears in our world, when we ask we simply accept and trust that we are under the law of divine timing and are making good choices. Asking doesn’t come from aggression or fear, but rather a deep desire to know, listen, and receive. It’s about conversation.

We are all capable of asking for help, and in fact if we asked for help more often, it would keep us sane! Receiving help and guidance from spiritual teachers is the most natural thing in the world, and everyone can do it. It is good for the heart and soul.

If you need spiritual help guidance, consider booking an angel card reading. The angels long to help you at any time of the night or day.